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Handy Dandy Hook Thingy

Handy Dandy Hook Thingy

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This is a all around handy hook that goes on the end of most broom sticks!
Made right here in the USA out of 1/4" mild steel!
Great for camping, the bed of a truck, in the back of a trailer,
around the house, or WHATEVER you can think of!! 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jeff M.
Bought 3

One in the truck for snagging things that roll up to the cab, one in the barn for stuff way up high and a back up in case my kids run off with one.

Duane M.
Will do a great job

Will do a great job for my pu box.

Joseph P.D.
Handy Dandy Hook Does Not Work

I had looked forward to some uses that the Handy Dandy Hook could help out to complete. The hook itself is a good size and appears to be made from strong materials, but the one I received will not attach to any of the poles I have. One is wooden and the other is metal and I cannot get the poles to thread into the nut that is welded to the hook. At this time, it appears this item is useless to my arsenal of tools and that I have wasted $20.

I apologize for this problem. I was actually working on a new version due to this complaint! They now have a set screw instead of the thread so it will fit any 3/4" shaft no matter the thread. If you would like to exchange, I would be happy to do this for you!!

Thank you,

Yon C.
Nice thingy but has issue

Hook shape great but the base is too small for all the poles. Could only get it on one turn for one pole. Tried it on a dozen poles at our hardware store.

I appreciate the feedback and will definitely take a look into this as it is the first issue we have heard with them!