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Polaris RZR Lock & Ride Anchor Hold Downs

Polaris RZR Lock & Ride Anchor Hold Downs

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Does your Polaris RZR have outdated expanding rubber Lock & Ride anchors? If so, you might find they’re challenging to use. Fortunately, the metal fabricators at Queen City Fab produce heavy-duty steel anchor plugs coated with black oxide that are easy to install and compatible with the Polaris RZR 2014 to 2022 XP 1000, Turbo, Turbo S, and XP Pro, as well as other UTVs with a one-inch hole. Simply insert each plug from the bottom, spin its knob on from the top, and you’re ready to ride with peace of mind knowing your belongings are secure. Order now to get your pair!

We recommend coating the anchor threads with anti-seize for best results. 


  • Heavy-duty steel
  • Black oxide coated
  • Easy to install, no tools needed

Don’t struggle with old-style expanding rubber Lock & Ride anchors! Instead, experience the convenience of Lock & Ride anchors fabricated from heavy-duty steel. Designed to be easy to install without any tools, these anchors make it easy to ensure your RZR accessories are locked in place for the duration of your ride. Shop today to place an order!


  • Compatible with Polaris RZR 2014-2022 XP 1000 / Turbo / Turbo S / XP Pro
  • Compatible with other UTVs with a 1” hole
  • Sold in pairs
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